Welcome to The Writer's Square!

Hi! Welcome to The Writer's Square, a place where writers can gather and push past the foul Writer's Block and maybe have a little fun while they're at it!

Well, if it isn't one thing, it's another. I come back to review my site and to see if anything needs to be tweaked, and I find my front page a mess. It doesn't pop like it once had, and I'm working on getting it back to what it once had been. Otherwise, nothing else to report, although I have to say, it is awesome being added to the affiliates page of Chaotic Shiny. I really love her work.

Hey all! It's a new year, so happy New year to all those that celebrated it the first of the year! I added the Tavern Namer generator for those needing a name for that Inn or Tavern in their game or story. Can't believe I haven't uploaded it sooner.

Well. I fixed it finally. XD Took me roughly a week to figure it out, but turns out it was simply me putting an extra word in where it didn't need to be. Whoops. The Simple Story Starter Generator is now up and running once more.

Oh... Dear... I seem to have accidentally broken one of my generators... Um... If anyone knows how to help, let me know. The Simple Story Starter Generator is what broke. As you can see, if you click, nothing is generated. I haven't the faintest idea why though...

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